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Sunday, December 14, 2014

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Hello friends, it's been a while since I've blogged but I'm here today to introduce you to Heather Von St. James. Heather contacted me to ask if I would be willing to spread awareness by sharing her story for 10th Annual Mesothelioma Awareness Day. To be honest, I have only heard about Mesothelioma from the little clips that come on between commercials when I rarely watch television. If I don't know much about this than I thought others must not either.

Some facts:

Every year around 3,000 people are diagnosed with mesothelioma, a completely preventable, rare type of deadly cancer caused by exposure to asbestos.

It is characterized by it's long latency period - symptoms may not even begin to show until 35-40 years after exposure.

As a result, individuals are typically already in the later stages of this disease and only given on average 10 months to live.

That’s 300 days.

7,200 hours.

Heather has never worked with asbestos, but her father did. She was exposed to asbestos second hand. Heather was diagnosed with this deadly disease at age 36 and given 15 months to live just shortly after giving birth to her only daughter, Lily. After undergoing a life saving surgery, which required the removal of her left lung, She beat the odds and is still here eight years later. Now, she's thriving more than ever!

What can you do to help? Be a voice for the victims and donate a blog post for Mesothelioma Awareness Day to help spread awareness! Spreading awareness is key to prevention and can ultimately help save a life.

September 26th is Mesothelioma Awareness Day.
Please join me in spreading hope and be a voice for the victims.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hey guys!  I haven't posted on my blog in a while but I wanted to share this recipe and thought I'd do it here.  I'm hoping to start blogging again regularly.  I appreciate everyone who has reached out to urge me to keep it up and ask where I've been.  Thank you.  There's lots going on and with so many distractions it's been hard to put things into words.  Maybe this will kick start me in the right direction.

Fried rice is something my family loves.  It's easy to throw together and you can make it with just about anything.  Like I have said in my previous recipes, I don't follow recipes. I just add each ingredient to taste or based on what's on hand.  I know, I'm sorry!  I swear it tastes great, you just need to adjust to how your family likes it.  This is the great thing about fried rice. 

Garlic and Kim Chee Fried Rice

 5 cups cooked rice
1 large yellow onion, chopped
4-6 cloves garlic, minced
2-1/2 cups kielbasa sausage, chopped
5 strips turkey bacon, chopped
green onions, chopped
1-1/2 cups kim chee, chopped
garlic salt
oyster sauce
1 Tbsp. sesame oil

In a large skillet, cook sausage till browned.  Add turkey bacon, cook till browned.  Add onions, cook till transparent.  Add garlic, kim chee, pepper, garlic salt, oyster sauce, sesame oil, and shoyu.  Stir well.  Add cooked rice and mix everything together well till rice is well coated.

Top with red chili powder and furikaki.

If  you prefer fried noodles, swap out the white rice with ramen noodles instead.  Just boil the noodles first without using the seasoning packet that comes in the package.


Let me know if you have any questions or if you try it.  Would love to hear from you!

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Miscarriage is all too common.  One in four pregnancies end in miscarriage.  One in four is not just a statistic, it's me.   I'm speaking out on this sacred day.  October 15th is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day and I'm here to speak out and say I have lost two babies to missed miscarriage.  This is a topic which is not talked about enough and parents who are suffering such a great loss are made to suffer in silence.   Please take a stand to spread awareness and to remember all the babies who are gone too soon.  

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 3: Myths About Grief
An idea or story believed by many people but is not true.  

1. Miscarriage is not the same as losing a baby that you've held in your arms.  

Losing a baby in any way is completely devastating.  The pain and grief of a pregnancy loss is equally significant to a loss of a child that has been born.  For me it's harder because I had no baby to physically hold and grieve.  It was too early to know the sex and we have no names for them. 

2. At least you have other kids, enjoy the ones you have.  

Just because I have other kids does not mean the babies I lost do not matter.  They were alive and we had hopes and dreams for each of them.  Other kids we've had before or after the ones who have died will never replace them.  Ever.  

3. You shouldn't talk about it.  

How do I know this is one many believe?  Because in the last 10 yrs since my first miscarriage, no one has brought it up.  In the last 2 yrs since my last miscarriage, the only one who constantly asks me if I'm sad my baby didn't make it is my 5 yr old daughter.  Talking about it helps.  Asking me about them helps me to know they mattered and that you acknowledge their existence.  This in itself is such a special gift.  

I know some who would rather not talk about it and that's their personal choice.  To acknowledge a baby who was lost can never hurt.  Unless the parent tells you they'd rather not talk about it, don't stop asking them and keep speaking their child's name.   Although here for a short time, these babies were here for a reason.  
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